Saturday, March 5, 2011

4G Technology: Advantages and Disadvantages

People in society continue to demand quicker and easier access to their information.  As expectations rise from these consumers, providers will continue to try and upgrade their systems.  It seems as if new devices that use wireless networks come out every month, these consumers will continue to buy them.  The answer to these consumers is using 4G as a widespread wireless standard while providers bolster the security aspects of their devices.  The demand from the wireless society of today has found its solution to deliver their data as quickly as possible and it is fourth-generation technology.


  • Cellular providers have the opportunity to offer data access to a wide variety of devices
  • Provides mobility
  • More Flexible
  • More Reliable
  • Easier to Standardize
  • Offers Affordability

  • Obtaining information from everday people illegally becomes easier
  • Involves the possibility of some interference though not much
  • Capable of being attacked (jamming frequencies)
  • Invasion of privacy increased


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